What should I buy in usa kha?



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Sawasdee kha!

I got some questions about shopping heheeeeee.I know everyone in Jeban loves to shop,dunt u???? ~

Im living in north florida which is small town! Anyway I really wanted to know what should I buy in here?

I heard about MAC. and Pilo or stuff like that OH!! Sephora! but in my town doesnt have sephora store T^T

If I want it,I gotta order it online but i don't really know about it.Could u help me to pick special stuff from their store by sharing your experiens or whatever....

Ouhhh!! If you have anything else which is cheaper than in bkk.Plz give me info. I dont wanna go bck to bkk and feel like OMG! why dont I buy these,,Omg! why dont I buy that 55+

I always be like that

Plzz help me T^T

*I got 3 mths left in here.I'm about to shop like O_o. heheeeeee

*Thx for sharing na kha!

*Sorry about gramma na kha! Im not good at that but I can't help it.I dont have thai keyboard -*-


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