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I always try to remove all of my eye make up and face makeup before I use my cleanser. This way, It eliminates a lot of unwanted minerals and dirt that could clog my pores. After removing all make up, I go ahead and use my cleanser for the final process. And of course your toner, moisturizer, etc :)

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 Taking color contact lens off and using my NARS eye make up remover to get rid of all minerals on my eyes


Using a circle cotton pad, I gently press a few seconds to loosen eyeshadow and eyelash glue.  This will make it                                              easier for me to peel off the eyelashes and less painful too!


After a few seconds, I can easily remove my eye make up.  See?  Its all on the pad!  Using a Q-tip, I glide off the                                        remaining mascara flakes, eyelash glue, and small traces of eyeliner.


After the eye make up has all been removed, my face make up is up next.  Taking another circle cotton pad, I clean it away with another oil cleanser and rub gently all over including my neck.  And thats basically it!  A make up free                                                                          face ready for face cleanser :)

Thanks so much for letting me show you my personal technique on how I remove my make up.  You guys inspire me to make better videos and its almost like a online family.  I love reading your comments and questions and               helping resolve anything.  Thanks again for watching and I'll see you in my next video ka :)) xoxo - Nan

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