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แล้วจะได้ของหรือเปล่า ??

Dear Ms -----,


Apologies for the delay in responding as we were trying to ascertain why the bank would not verify the address details.


Unfortunately we are unable to process your order further as the Address Verification Service could not verify the information provided. 


An address verification service (AVS) is a system that verifies the personal address and billing information provided by a customer at the time of an online credit card transaction, against the information the credit card company has on file.

AVS is designed to help merchants (companies) protect themselves against fraudulent, lost, or stolen credit cards and chargeback's. It is used as extra protection in transactions for which the card is not present.

Also the CV2 was not verified, The CV2 value (also known as: CVV/security number) is the last 3 digits of the number on the signature strip on the back of all debit and credit cards. In order to enter the correct number the person placing the transaction must either be in possession of the card, or must have made a note of the CV2 number whilst handling the card.


Your order has been cancelled and the money credited back to your card. Whilst this process may cause some inconvenience, it is in place to prevent potential fraud and avoid unnecessary distress to our customers.



Kindest Regards,

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