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60 Years of Capturing the Light Exhibition
"60 Years of Capturing the Light Exhibition"
    Last week, 7 of us went to the 60 Years of Capturing the Light exhibition by The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand (RPST) at the BAB BOX @ One Bangkok. This exhibition held on 1st - 24th November 2019.
    This exhibition is gathering the photos from the members of the association that from the senior artists, national artist and new generation artists to reflect to show the various aspects of the photos through the photographer’s eyes.
    At the first floor, there is cafe that you can have a cup of coffee or chocolate before starting your journey and there is a souvenir shop that you can buy the souvenir such as cups, books and bags to keep your journey from here.
     The exhibition categorised the relations between the light and the others such as light and nature, light and art ,life and light, street and light and capturing of light by communication through the photos by Thai photographers that used the mood and tone of light which each of photos tell the story of the photo through the identity of the photographer in different styles and different instrumentality but connected together by“ light ”
Photo by Than Phu Ying Sirikitiya Jense
"Photo by Than Phu Ying Sirikitiya Jense"
    Inside the exhibition, Than Phu Ying Sirikitiya Jense bestowed the photos to exhibit with the other members of the association.  
The past, Current Version
"The past, Current Version"
    We are trying to use our thought and feeling to interpret this photos, this may allude to the being past and being today as we see the people and the environment which if this photo is the past, will make us feel like this is the new store that full of goods but nowadays there are many new things have been created which may cause this store to fade away that may not only the place but also our memories.
    This two photos has the same title which is “ Meawmong ” but two of them have the different ways to representative. Even the same object but different lights can propagate different.  
Before the sunset
"Before the sunset"
    This photo is one of our favourite! Capturing the city that full of tower that will make the human life being chaos and hustle but at the end of the day you will still see the light of sun that make the sky from the blue turning to be orange before going to be dark like a signal that tell the human that a day has nearly pass. They have passed all the aweary day and it’s the time to rest like a sun is going to sunset and preparing to start the tomorrow journey.
For people who interested, Can join the workshop !   

  • Photo Talk which inviting the famous photographers to share their experiences and knowledges    
  • Photo Art Market which is the market that gathering the goods about photos matching with lifestyle and arts together which exhibited by Happening magazine.    
  • Photo Workshop which is the activity to teach from how to use the camera until light setting    
  • One Shot Knockout which inviting the new generation photographers to compete the photo competition that fun, show off your skills and receiving the knowledges at the same time.  
    The atmospheres inside the exhibition are quiet, peaceful and this may because we went to the first group as the time that the exhibition opens but for a while there are other audiences who visit the exhibitor too. Inside the exhibition, there are a lot of gorgeous photos which we can acknowledge the beautiful and the meaning of the photos in different ways.    
    Finally, we feel that this exhibition aside from exhibit the photos but also to communicate the photographer experience during the 60 years that be a part of association.
Open : 1st - 24th November 2019 at 10:00 - 20:00 p.m. everyday 
Location : 2nd floor at BAB BOX @ One Bangkok
Website :
Price : free
Travel to exhibition : MRT Lumphini exit 3 - walking 200 metres from the right corner.
Parking Lot : free parking lots at the exhibition
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