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I first used NARS Night Star as an all over base, this is without any eye primer to the lids.  Moving on to pencil liner for the top and bottom outter 3/4 into the rims (Lamcome's Le Crayon Black)

Finished liner look on the left.  Our lashes today is just a generic lash that has a thick band but slizzered out frill.  It will give the illusion of a full lash, but also keeping it natural when you blink.  Perfect for pulling off this Spider Lash effect :)

Finally we apply mascara on the frills of the lashes, not the roots.  There's already plenty of volume on the roots so there's no need to apply more to what is already there.  I'm using Maybelline's The Falsies in original waterproof.

So here is the finished look!  Super Fake, Super Spiked, Super Spider Lashes! lol All CAPS like that too!! Spider lashes are sooo pretty and daring, and definately a trend for this fall :)  

Click below for the video and see how I achieved this look!


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